I Hate Being Late…

Yesterday was New Year’s Day, and despite my grandmother telling me that my horiscope said that the year was going to be greatly positive, and that I would have one of my most popular years yet, I was late to dinner for the first High Holiday of the year. Just so you all know, I hate to be late. This time though I can honestly say it was not my fault. I was taking my brother back to Denver so that he could catch the train the today, and both he and my grandmother told me dinner at my aunts in Ft. Collins was after 5, but instead it was at 1, so when we got there everyone was leaving. My aunt had saved us food but we had missed out on the days activities.

Now that the complaining is over, actually it was a nice evening. Stan (my brother) and I got to hang out and talk to my cousin who was back from college. He seems to be doing well,and will be graduating in a year. It was the first time in a decade that Stan and Jer got together, so I was glad to be there to enjoy the company. After dinner we headed to my aunt Jane’s house, and had another good couple hours of chatting, and then off to bed to get up early this morning.

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